Call India for Just 1.9 cents

Now you can call India for as low as 1.99¢ and get a crystal clear voice without worrying about the balance expiring in month time or weeks time as in most of the other providers case.

We have introduced following plans to call India.

Any time Recharge Amount $30 $20
Rates for 31 days after Recharge
(India Mobile)
1.99¢ (1507 minutes) 2.4¢ (832 minutes)
Balance Never Expires, No monthly minimum, No fees of any type, No gimmicks

Your balance never expires. After 31 days normal rates apply until you recharge again. On recharge the discounted rates apply again on the total balance!

Hurry up! Recharge now and start saving more than 60% on your calls to India.


When ever you recharge you will get the discounted rates for 31 days from that time. After that normal rates would apply. But if you recharge again for $20 or more, the discount rates will apply again for next 31 days and so on. Your balance amount never expires!

For e.g. you bought $30 on 10th July your rates to call India till 10th August will be 1.99¢ and after that 4.9¢ will apply. Say your balance on 17th August was $10 and you recharged again for $30 then 1.99¢ will apply on the entire $40 till 17th September and so on.

Make All Your Calls For FREE for Life!

Grow Your Network and Earn Referral Bonuses for Life!

After Sign Up, you can send FREE gift credit to your friends and refer them to DialSimple. You do not have to pay for these free credit(s), we take care of it!

We are very sure your friends will love DialSimple’s services and would become our regular customers like you do :)

Whenever your friends make purchase on our site, we would give you 5% of the earned credit or purchase amount as bonus. This is for the life time, every time they purchase!

Not only this if your friends refer their friends and earn bonus amounts, we will give you 5% of the referral amount they earn! and this keeps going on. So it’s unlimited referral amount flowing in your account for life!

Imagine over the time even if 10 to 15 of your friends join and use DialSimple, you may never have to buy call credit at all, as you would be making more than required just from referral bonuses!

Voice Recording - Another Feature To Make Life Easier

We are pleased to announce the launch of Voice Recording feature.

Voice Recording feature is a way to record your voice or any conversation by calling our Phone System.

After recording you will immediately get the voice message in your email.

You can then share your voice on your blog or email it to friends.

Voice Recording is a very convenient way to record important notes when you are on move, such as driving or when you do not have a pen or paper.

To record your message just call 509-956-3243 from your registered phone and start recording after the beep.

To listen to your recorded message you can visit voice recording page or call 509-956-3244

You can use the voice recording in a number of ways! Following are few examples:

  1. Record something important while on the move, e.g. while driving, or when you do not have a pen and paper handy
  2. For fun; e.g. conversation with loved ones, friends and family
  3. Important Conversations for proof; e.g. when your boss is praising you or when your boyfriend is saying those three words ;)
  4. Important reminders to remind yourself; e.g. recording the grocery list and playing it back on phone in grocery shop!
  5. To take your voice to your blog or profile! by copying and pasting the embedded html code
  6. To record important phone conversations - just call the voice-recording number and put it in conference!
  7. etc. etc. To tell others your specific use-cases please feel free to leave a comment!

We are also planning to integrate the calender services with voice recording so that your notes can automatically be played to yourselves or to others at chosen time in future.  For e.g. you can wish your friends automatically on their b’day or can call yourself to remind an important meeting.

We have tried our best to make this feature very comfortable, your feedback, suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

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