Frequently Asked Questions

What is DialSimple?

DialSimple is a Telephony System to help you make high quality international calls at very low rates!
We also give you many convenient and free features to make it easy to be in touch with friends and family.

How does DialSimple work?

On DialSimple calling international numbers is very convenient. You can use any of the following options to call.

A. Speed Dial - This feature is very convenient for Land Line Users

1. Login and enter the international numbers where you frequently call in the Speed Dial area provided on your home page. (one time process)

2. You will immediately see a speed dial number corresponding to each international number.

3. Dial the Access number. When prompted, enter the Speed Dial number followed by the “#” key.

B. Regular Dial - Usually used for non frequent calls.

1. Dial the access number.
2. When prompted, enter the destination number you want to call including the country code followed by the “#” key.

What are the features available on DialSimple?

Our main features are:

1. Speed Dial (Convenient for Land line users)

2. FREE Voice Messaging

3. Web SMS

4. FREE Voice Recording

5. FREE Call Recording

6. Auto recharge and recharge over phone

7. No pins, no calling cards, no computer and no downloads

8. Access number to call any international number and for recharge services

What is Access number?

Access number is the phone number which you can call to connect to any international number. It is shown on your home page, after you login to your account.

After calling the access number you will hear a prompt which will ask you to enter the international number where you want to connect to, you can enter the complete international number including the country code followed by # key or you can enter the Speed Dial number followed by # key. You will immediately be connected.

On access number call you can avail more options by pressing the * key.

More options are, but not limited to,:

1) Add new Phone Mapping

2) Connect to any international number

3) Recharge Account

4) Send Voice Message

5) Listen to Available Account Balance

What is Speed Dial Number?

Speed Dial Numbers are the shortcut numbers to avoid entering long international numbers when you call the access number.

You create 1 or 2 digit shortcut for any international number, and when you call the access number on prompt you can just enter the shortcut number to connect to corresponding international number.

Mainly here you save time by avoiding entering the long international numbers every time.

What is Free Voice Messaging? How does it work?

If you do not want to call but just want to leave message for receiver over the phone you can do so and your voice message is automatically sent to receivers email.

1) Call the receiver’s mapped number and before the receiver picks up the call, press the * key, you will get an option to leave a voice message for receiver.

2) Record the message and press the # key or just hang up.

3) The message is automatically emailed to the receiver if you have entered the email id in the phone mapping area. Otherwise the message remains in your account and you can email it to the receiver anytime from the website by visiting Voice Messages page.


1) Call your Access number

2) Press * key to go to more options

3) Chose option 4 to send voice message to anyone.

To setup auto emailing of voice message - while creating the mapping for an international number fill the optional field Email with the email address of the receiver.

What is Voice Recording? How does it work?

Voice Recording feature is a way to record your voice or any conversation by calling our Phone System. After recording you will immediately get the voice message in your email.

You can share your voice on your blog or email it to friends. It is a very convenient way to record important notes when you are on move, such as driving or when you do not have a pen or paper.

To record your message just call 509-956-3243 from your registered phone and start recording after the beep.

To listen to your recorded message you can visit voice recording page or call 509-956-3244

You can use the voice recording in a number of ways! Following are few examples:

  1. Record something important while on the move, e.g. while driving, or when you do not have a pen and paper handy
  2. For fun; e.g. conversation with loved ones, friends and family
  3. Important Conversations for proof; e.g. when your boss is praising you or when your boyfriend is saying those three words ;)
  4. Important reminders to remind yourself; e.g. recording the grocery list and playing it back on phone in grocery shop!
  5. To take your voice to your blog or profile! by copying and pasting the embedded html code
  6. To record important phone conversations - just call the voice-recording number and put it in conference!

What is Call Recording? How does it work?

Call Recording is an extension of Voice Recording feature. You can record your phone conversation by calling our Phone System and putting it in conference.

After recording you can share your voice on your blog or email it to you friend.

This is how you record your call:

1) Remain on call with your friend, put the call on hold.

2) Dial the number 509-956-3243.

3) After the Beep sound, put both calls on conference. (Usually you see “link” on your cellphone screen, press the corresponding key)

And whatever you talk now will be recorded.

To listen to your recorded message you can visit voicenotes page or call 509-956-3244

Where can I find the Calling Rates to my country?

Please click here to know the call rates to any country.

How can I earn free minutes?

There are three ways to earn free minutes:

1) By Sending Free Gifts to Friends
This is the simplest way to earn free minutes and to make your friends happy too! You can send 15 free minutes as gifts to your friends to call anywhere in the world, and for each friend who signs up and buys our service we credit 5 free minutes in your account.

2) By Suggesting useful features
You can email us the useful features that you think you or your friends may need. And if your suggestions are considered we will credit your account with appropriate more free minutes. So you may like to discuss with your friends or family members if they think there is any other feature we can provide which may be useful to them.

3) By reporting problematic features and defects
You can email us the problems or inconvenient features that you face in using our site or phone system. Based on the severity of problem reported we credit your account with up to 30 minutes.

Will these rates get further lower in future? Are you aiming to make Telephony free?

Yes we are continuously working to lower these rates. We really aim for making Telephony free, just like internet.

Your call quality is one of the best, how can you provide so high quality at such lower rates?

Well we keep our margins really really low on calls and invest most of the money back into the infrastructure to make sure call quality remains very high.

Do I need computer or any other device other than my phone/cell-phone to call?

No never. You just need any phone or cell phone to be able to call anyone in the world via DialSimple

Do I have to punch in those irritating PINs or lengthy numbers to be able to make call?

No you do not have to punch in any type of PIN or code. We believe in simplicity.

Why should I use DialSimple?

DialSimple allows you to make very high quality phone calls at very low rates.

You save money on international calls at the same time get better quality.

We have simplified calling international numbers by providing speed dial which makes calling abroad really simple.

We also provide FREE voice messages, when you do not wish to spend money on call, you can just send free voice messages to receiver.

What is low cost web-SMS?

Low cost Web-SMS is the service we provide you to send SMS to anyone in the world by typing the message on our site. And when the receiver replies the message it comes to your mobile.
We charge 12¢ per message sent anywhere in the world.

Is there any hidden fee of any kind or any connection Fee?

No there is absolutely no fee of any kind. We are completely transparent. Your account balance will never expire. We charge you only for the minutes you use and the SMS you send. We also do not impose any charge on your phone carrier. Using DialSimple is as simple as calling a local number.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Master card, Visa, Discover, and American Express. To recharge your account simply go to Buy Credit Page on the left navigation menu on your home page.

Is Using Credit Card Safe on the Site?

Yes absolutely. We use HTTPS for all our payment transactions and your card is always in encrypted form. Not only this we also have $10,000 coverage guarantee from our secure certificate provider. Our business has been verified by Paypal and we use Paypal Payment Gateway for processing your payment which is a very secure gateway (our co-founders are ex-Paypals).

Is the auto-recharge feature available?

Yes, you can opt for auto recharge and we automatically update your account balance when your balance goes low. This is very convenient feature and most of our customers opt for this over the time.

Can I recharge over Phone?

Yes, you can recharge over phone too. But for the first purchase we prefer you to use website, as we need your billing address which is difficult to enter using phone.

How is DialSimple better and cheaper than Calling Cards or Phone cards?

Well on calling cards first of all the call quality is not good. Secondly they have lot of hidden fees such as connection charges, maintenance charges etc etc.

They usually display the call rates to be very low such as 3.99¢ or 2.99¢ but effectively you end up paying them some 13¢ to 20¢ a minute because of their hidden charges.

But on DialSimple we charge you only the minutes you talk and exactly what we have mentioned on our Call Rates page. Our call quality is much much better than you will find on any calling card.

Not only this we help you with very convenient and easy to user features such as phone mapping, so that you do not have to punch in international numbers every time you call.

Also we provide you free voice message feature so that you do not have to call to actually leave a message to your friends and family. We treat you more like a family! rather than as a customer.

How Do I Recharge Account (Buy Credit) and check Balance?

Login to your DialSimple account. Upon logging in you will see account balance is displayed on your home page.

To recharge account balance, click on Recharge link on the left hand side of your home page or click here to recharge now.

You can also check balance via phone by calling Dial In number and pressing * on prompts and then choosing the account balance option.

How do I send text messages from the web?

Login to your DialSimple account. Click on “Web SMS” link on the left hand side of your home page or simply click here to SMS now.

Once on that page, you will need to select one of your mobile phone number (reply number), next fill in your friend’s number and the text message. Then simply hit “Send”.

Your friend will receive the text message as if you are sending it from your phone.

What is the rate on sending text message?

It is a flat 12¢ per text message to any phone number in the world.

I forgot my pin to login to Website, how do I recover?

Click here to create a new pin.

Or simply email us at mentioning your phone number.

I have recently changed my phone number, how do I update it in my account?

1) Login to your DialSimple account.

2) On your home page (right after you log on), there is a table with heading “Your registered phone numbers”, it lists all your phone numbers. Simply click “Edit” on the number that you wish to update. Fill in the new number then click “Save”.

How do I add another phone number to my account?

1) Login to your DialSimple account.

2) Click “Add New Phone” button on your home page, fill in your new phone number, and select “Save”.

Click here to go to your home page.

Can I make all my calls for FREE? How do I Earn Referral Bonus?

After Sign Up, you can send FREE gift minutes to your friends and refer them to DialSimple. We pay for these gift minutes!

We are very sure your friends will love DialSimple’s services and would become our regular customers like you do :)

Whenever your friends make purchase on our site, we would give you 5% of the purchase amount as bonus. This is for the life time, every time they purchase!

Not only this if your friends refer their friends and earn bonus amounts, we will give you 5% of the referral amount they earn! and this keeps going on. So it’s unlimited referral amount flowing in your account for life!

Imagine over the time even if you have 10 to 15 friends join and use DialSimple, you may not have to buy credit at all, as you would be making more than required just by referral bonuses!


I am not able to make a call.

1) It’s quite possible that you have caller id blocked for your phone, thus DialSimple phone system won’t be able to recognize you.  Please try again with caller ID Enabled.

You probably will need to enter *82 before the number you want to call. For e.g. if you are calling 408-220-9314 you may like to Dial *824082209314, you will have to do it only once and your caller ID will be unblocked.

2) Are you receiving the message  “You do not have sufficient balance to make this call” when you have balance with DialSimple?

This would happen if you do not have long distance call facility from your service provider.

Please raise a ticket with DialSimple and we will provide you with a local number for the area code. If you have to make call immediately you may call our Toll Free number (1-800-954-7713) but there is 1.5 cents per minute, extra cost associated with it.

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