Call India for Just 1.9 cents

Now you can call India for as low as 1.99¢ and get a crystal clear voice without worrying about the balance expiring in month time or weeks time as in most of the other providers case.

We have introduced following plans to call India.

Any time Recharge Amount $30 $20
Rates for 31 days after Recharge
(India Mobile)
1.99¢ (1507 minutes) 2.4¢ (832 minutes)
Balance Never Expires, No monthly minimum, No fees of any type, No gimmicks

Your balance never expires. After 31 days normal rates apply until you recharge again. On recharge the discounted rates apply again on the total balance!

Hurry up! Recharge now and start saving more than 60% on your calls to India.


When ever you recharge you will get the discounted rates for 31 days from that time. After that normal rates would apply. But if you recharge again for $20 or more, the discount rates will apply again for next 31 days and so on. Your balance amount never expires!

For e.g. you bought $30 on 10th July your rates to call India till 10th August will be 1.99¢ and after that 4.9¢ will apply. Say your balance on 17th August was $10 and you recharged again for $30 then 1.99¢ will apply on the entire $40 till 17th September and so on.

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